The Team

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Here at Kam Dhiman Photography we pride ourselves with what we do and what we do best. We do not see photography as someone picking up a camera and pressing a button, but see it as a form of Art. We use our vision and creativeness to ensure we capture only the finest photos from your wedding day.

Our vision is your vision. Our aim is to understand our clients and get to know what they want their wedding to be so that we can deliver exactly that. It is vital for us as your photographers to have a good understanding and relationship and this is the reason why we offer a complimentary Pre Wedding Shoot to all of our couples. The Pre Wedding Shoot is a great ice breaker between photographer and client. We use this day not only for your photographs but use this as an opportunity to get to know one another and form a friendship.

We therefore invite you to come and see us so that we can discuss your wedding in further detail.

Kam Dhiman

Thank you for stopping by our site. Let me start off by introducing myself, my name is Kam Dhiman, owner of Kam Dhiman Photography and I am from the vibrant capital city of London . I have always had an interest in photography and started of as a street photographer, before taking a keen interest into wedding photography. My background in street photography has allowed me to visualise your day from an alternative view and bring various elements and a unique style to your day.

Your wedding day is a very important day for you and your families; this day is full of energy, vibrancy, bursting with colours and emotion. Each wedding is unique to me and I adapt to every client’s needs capturing your day your way. I tend to build a relationship prior to my client’s wedding day and form a new friendship, helping to make the big day as relaxed as possible. I bring passion, enthusiasm and light-hearted humour on your big day.

By understanding the structure of the ceremonies I am able to position myself and my team to anticipate the shots in advance and can ensure I’m perfectly placed and ready to capture the moment.

I love to be creative and think outside of the box creating magical moments and memories that you and your families can cherish forever.

Gaurav Kumar

From when I curiously picked up an SLR my parents used to own as a child, to receiving a BA Hons in Digital and Lens Media many years later, my passion for photography has only grown stronger by the day.

The ability to capture extremely valuable moments and fragile emotions felt like a super power, and played a major part in my journey into wedding photography. The idea of making one’s wedding last forever in a photograph is a concept that, not only continues to fascinate me, but acts as a motivation every time I pick up my camera.